05 June 2012


It probably is just my computer, but in recent months I've noticed that TYWKIWDBI's main page is taking longer and longer to load - sometimes annoyingly so.

For years I've had the template set up with 25 posts on the home page, figuring that most people come here every 2-3 days and that's about what I post in that interval.  But because of the long loading time, I've cut the number of front page posts to 15.  For some of you that will mean an additional click at the bottom of the page.

I've also discovered that TYWKIWDBI has a channel at YouTube.  I didn't create this; it appears to have been generated by YouTube itself, for what purpose I don't know.  It seems to me it would be easier to come to the blog and click on the category in the right sidebar for "video-humor" or "video-movies" or "video-music" or whatever.

TYWKIWDBI material that gets pinned at Pinterest is also collated on one page there.


  1. I guess the Youtube channel is part of the new Google User policy (blogspot belonging to Google and so). The single use of this channel I can see that can benefit the blog is linking it in the description of the channel.

  2. I appreciate your time and effort and try to check through most days, its a pleasure to have a clean simple template without ads in every nook. Not to mention the best variety of content. thanks for the entertainment.

  3. The loading is much better now. Thank you!

  4. I was having the load issues as well and I wouldn't call my computer under powered. It seems to be doing much better today. The heaviness of the sidebars and the 3rd party JavaScript doesn't help and is probably where most of your drag is coming from. The JavaScript in particular can be a problem but, I have not done enough testing on your site to know what is causing the lag.

    1. I've wondered if that "Blog Archive" is a culprit, especially since by default it appears with the top month "open" - but it's too useful to remove. I do try to keep the template minimized re widgets.

  5. FireFox has an Add-on called Auto-Pager, so you can continue to scroll through the posts.

  6. If you look under the title on youtube channel you will see that it says "auto-generated by youtube".


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