04 February 2012

A face by Botticelli

From the workshop of Alessandro Filipepi, called Sandro Botticelli (1445 – 1510), a "fragment" from an oil on panel of Saint John the Baptist.  I haven't found an image of the full work from which this was cropped.

From a private collection, via Vision and Alabaster.

Addendum: Ryan Beales found a virtually identical John the Baptist in a different piece from the same workshop; it's in the National Gallery.


  1. It has something of Eric Gill about it - the way the planes of the face are slightly stylised.

  2. Ha Ha! I guess Skipweasel means that Eric Gill's work has something of Botticelli about it!

    If this fragment came from the "workshop", then that explains why you've not been able to find an image of the full work. It might not have been painted by the master. Just as that recent Mona Lisa copy was painted at around the same time as Leonardo's original, it could have been the work of any of perhaps dozens of very capable apprentices, not all of whose names have lasted down the years. It could also be a minor part of a large work by a lesser known artist of the time. There are at least 33 renaissance artists -their works can be purchased online at one site I found - of which I'd guess only Raphael, Michaelangelo and Da Vinci would be household names. Of the other 30, some are bound to have painted in Botticelli's style. You'd need a research budget to get to find out who painted this little portrait!

  3. Similar?


    1. Virtually identical, especially the facial structure and positioning of the hands, but even to the way the hair lays and the bit of red over the left shoulder. The only difference is the blackness behind the head.

      Excellent find, Ryan. Kudos. I've added the link you found to the post. Thanks.

    2. Mentioned on TYWKIWDBI, chuffed :)

      I found this one also, it had similar hair but a different expression and clothes, hands, etc: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Botticelli_Madonna_and_Child.jpg


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