13 September 2009

Some kids stack cups. This one field-strips a semi-automatic assault rifle...

She's 11 years old. Offered without comment.

Via Stuff That Moves.


  1. What, exactly, is an assault weapon?

  2. By the time she is 15, she will be able to repair your car, and, you still won't know what a spark plug is. Some people are interested in different things than others, and their interests manifest accordingly. Of course, if the word gun is involved your knee jerks and kicks you into senselessness and you can no longer think.

  3. An assault weapon is a weapon that can assault someone. You know, like a knife, or a gun, or a knitting needle, or a pencil, or a brick, or a fist, or a car . . .

    That's amazingly fast mechanical dexterity. I wish I could take my guns apart so quickly for cleaning purposes.

  4. I can't take my Smith & Wesson M & P 9C apart as fast as she can disassemble and reassemble her assault weapon.
    It's hell to get old and decrepit.

  5. I had a .22 rifle when I was eleven. I was a great shot. Then my father asked me to shoot the birds and rabbits that were beating us to the choicest morsels in the garden. I shot a bird's head off, and never touched a gun again.

  6. Ha...my Russian friend learned in school how to do that with a Kalashnikov in less that 1 minute...blindfolded.

  7. Now in the interest of educating your daughter, take her to a VA hospital to visit wounded soldiers.

    See honey, this is what a bullet from a gun just like your dad's toy can do to the human body.

    Ask the nice young soldier if you can touch his wound.

    Ask her to read: "What Every Person Should Know About War" by Chris Hedges

  8. Wow relax, she's not promoting war, or murder, or doing anything inappropriate.

    Talented girl is talented.

  9. Good for her; she's growing up with a knowledge of and healthy respect for weapons.

  10. @Anonymous
    How can you compare a young girl learning how to properly handle a SEMI-automatic hunting rifle to people fighting a war with FULLY automatic weapons?
    The girl's weapon is nothing like the guns which wound and kill our fighting men.(OK, maybe it does look a bit like one,but, by the same token, a Thunderbird looks a bit like a sport car, too.)
    I would suggest that you learn at least one or two tiny facts before you start whimpering.


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