15 September 2009

More severed feet - these found in Ireland

The human remains, a foot from a young child and the foot of an adult male with part of the lower leg attached, turned up during renovation work on the house in south Dublin...

The foot of the male adult had part of the lower leg attached although the stretching and tearing of the muscle fibres suggest it had been pulled off a body, said the report.

“It closely resembled a bog body in appearance, as it had the dark brown, almost black colour seen in recent bog bodies such as Oldcroghan Man and Cloneycavan Man...”

The radiocarbon dates found the adult foot dated to AD52-230 and the juvenile foot was dated to 60BC-AD53, indicating there was a real possibility of these being parts of bog bodies...

The latest indications are the house may once have been the residence of a pathologist...
Via Archaeology.


  1. The new version of Michael Flatley's dance show "Bog Trotting" takes a dive in production values.

    On a serious note; I'm, not sure how they decided that one of the feet was male, unless it's a deduction based on metrical traits. Surely it's possible to have a had women with large feet 2000 years ago. Or was the foot very hairy? Anyone have any ideas how this conclusion was reached?

  2. Here, here rexybaby. Nice call.

    That's a serious pet peeve of mine and a huge bias found in all areas of everything.

    There should be a ban on the use of the exclusive use of the masculine pronoun as default when describing or writing material.

  3. you mean "hear, hear"

  4. Thought you would be interested to know that the RCMP in British Columbia have found another severed foot washed up on shore in a running shoe.

    Another mystery foot in a running shoe washes ashore in B.C. - CKNW 4:30 pm – Oct 28-09

    Anchor: Another foot has washed ashore inside a running shoe. Two men made the discovery yesterday in Richmond on a beach at No.6 Road and Triangle road. RCMP Corporal Annie Linteau explains what police are dealing with.

    Cpl. Linteau: The shoe was seized by the Richmond RCMP and an investigation was conducted by the B.C. Coroner’s Service and our forensic identification section and the remains were confirmed to be human. It is a right, white Nike running shoe, size eight-and-a-half.

    Anchor: Linteau says while some of the six other feet that have washed ashore on our coast have been identified there are still three who are not yet identified. The latest foot was found inside a red and white Nike runner. Anyone with information about this particular foot or any others is asked to contact RCMP.


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