04 September 2009

More photos from the McCord Museum, Montreal

Stormy day, St. Catherine Street, Montreal, QC, 1901

Drying fish, Burgeo, NL, 1908

Rideau Falls, Ottawa, ON, 1869

Boys pulling hand carts, Montreal, QC, about 1930

Collision between two engines, Bay of Quinte Railway, ON, 1892

"The McCord is a public research and teaching museum that preserves our collective past - over 1,375,000 objects, images and manuscripts, irreplaceable reflections of the social history and material culture of Montreal, Quebec and Canada..."

From the McCord's Flickr photostream, where you can view these and others in larger sizes.


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  2. Your post was "blogspam," which has a lifespan on TYWKIWDBI measured in milliseconds...

  3. Thank you so much for this post. I'm from Montreal, in fact I live 5minutes down from the Villa Maria convent in the second photo ("Monklands") of the flickr stream - it's now an all-girls high school, and the street leading up to the gate is called Monkland Avenue. I live about a 5 minute walk from the gate, down Monkland...


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