02 September 2009

"Me and Mrs. Palin"

Three days after Sarah Palin was announced as the Republican vice-presidential candidate, the McCain campaign released a statement saying that her 17-year-old unwed daughter, Bristol, was pregnant. The baby’s father, an 18-year-old former hometown hockey star, was thus thrust into the national spotlight. In the October issue of Vanity Fair, Levi Johnston explains what happened behind the curtains of the campaign—and inside the Palin home.

For “Me and Mrs. Palin,” Johnston tells Vanity Fair his story about life with the Palin family—with whom he lived for two months after the election—over the course of his two-and-a-half-year relationship with Bristol. He turns a number of commonly held beliefs about the former governor—the purportedly loving mother, devoted wife, and prolific hunter—upside down.

More details at Vanity Fair. Their editorial staff must have intentionally allowed the title to be ungrammatical; I wonder if that was Levi's choice, or is it an artistic maneuver to highlight that the article will be in his words?

Via TPM.


  1. Isn't "Me and Mrs. Palin" ungrammatical only if used as the subject of a sentence? As far as I know, a sentence like "This article is about me and Mrs. Palin" would be grammatically correct.

  2. You are correct - I'm blogging faster than I'm thinking today...

    "Me and Mrs. Jones, we've got a thing going on..." would be incorrect.

    I'll leave my error in the post just to highlight your correction.

  3. I don't know if it's actually a rule, but it's considered more proper to put yourself last in a series, so in that regard "Me and Mrs. Palin" may be a bit of commentary on Levi.

    On the other hand, on the photo spread, "Me and" is underneath Palin's photo and "Mrs. Palin" is underneath Levi's photo, which looks rather odd. I wonder if they changed their minds about the title of the piece at the last minute.

    But they could surely have flipped Levi's photo and put it on the left so he still appeared to be looking (leering?) at her.

    I'll bet there was a lot of discussion about that spread.

    Levi's got the neatest l'il ears I ever did see.

  4. It is actually fairly unethical to flip a photograph for publication purposes. It changes how a person looks since no one is truly, exactly symmetrical bilaterally.
    And if they really wanted to change it and make it grammatical to fit the pictures, they would have said, "Mrs. Palin and Me," but they didn't feel like it, I suppose.

  5. This guy's 15 minutes of fame were over months and months ago.

    I can't believe that there are any productive people out there who care what this guy is doing, what he thinks, etc.

    And I can't understand the unending fascination with Palin. I'm getting sick of seeing articles about her everywhere.

  6. TYWKIWDBI: Your politics are showing. Can't help it, can you? Nice of Levi to dish some more unsubstantiated dirt on Sarah.

  7. ^ Conservative men like to think of Palin as their fantasy girlfriend.......

  8. Second Anon: Uh.. whose blog is it? I thought blogs were about opinions.
    Nowhere (that I have found) does it state this is an impartial and bias free blog.
    What a silly comment.

  9. Palin uses her background to her advantage, so she has to take it. Public people can be ridiculed more than private citizens, by law. As far as her being anything but an object of riduicule, do you know how rare it is for a governor to quit before their first term is even half finished? It almost never happened.


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