03 September 2009

Is it springtime in Australia already??

That's the implication of the caption on the photo above from the Wall Street Journal's Photoblog: A Crimson Rosella bird ate flower blossoms in Canberra, Australia, Tuesday, the first day of spring in the southern hemisphere. (Mark Kolbe/Getty Images).
I would think the onset of spring down under would coincide with autumn up here (three weeks from now) - but perhaps there's something I don't understand...

Addendum: Answer found at Wiki (thanks, Nolandda) - "[In Australia] Official dates are as follows: 1st day of March, June, September and December for the start of Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer, respectively."

According to WaPo the difference is caused by the use of meterological versus astronomical seasons. Or perhaps it's related to the migratory patterns of drop bears...


  1. I have noticed a lot more discussion about Meteorological vs. Astronomical seasons recently. That might explain it.

    Wikipedia discusses the various ways of reckoning seasons.

  2. just a couple of days ago, I was reading something about Australia wanting or someone recommending Australia to switch to a six season model, since the traditional four do not really apply.

  3. It sure is. I live in Perth and the wildflowers are just starting to come out in the park over the road. With such a harsh climate many species have to 'live' ie go through a whole reproduction cycle in the brief time between winter and summer when its not too hot or dry.

  4. Very true. Just noticed green beginning to appear on tips of the trees out the front. Thankfully bringing us out of this cold snap.

  5. Well, summer seems to have ended today over here. Wish I could just spend the next six months down under.

    Winter depresses me more as I get older. And I'm only 37.


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